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Out of the asylum (and the closet) ch10 :iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
Out of the asylum (and the closet) ch9
It's been three days Jacques hadn't seen Gaston. The wannabe soldier didn't come by his house anymore. The small child in ribbons had tried to meet him at the school but every time he was kicked out either by the pupils or the schoolmaster himself. One time he finally caught a glimpse of his favorite ponytail and ran to him.
"Gaston!" He shouted in a broad smile. "I'm here!" His friend didn't even turn back. He shouted louder. "Gaston! Where you going? I'm right here!"
He still didn't look back and strode away. He looked like he wanted to avoid the little farmer boy. A sorrowful fear filled up Jacques' heart. So much it brimmed over his wet eyelids. He ran at Gaston again.
"Why you don't turn back? I'm here!" He cried. Gaston paced up. "Why you running? Gaston! I love you!" His lover ran too far away for Jacques to find him. "I love you!" He sobbed.
Gaston had finally lost his cute pancake. He stopped by a shady back-alley the villagers were used to litter with peelings, egg shells or
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
Out of the asylum (and the closet) ch8
Jacques was surprised to say the least.
"Gaston… Why did you…?"
Only grown-ups kissed each other.
"Because you're cute." The young warrior smiled. "And… I love you." He added as his small cheeks turned pink.
Grown-ups who loved each other. The tiny boy threw himself in Gaston's arms.
"I love you too, Gaston." He muffled his voice against his best friend's chest. "So… you'll never leave me?" He softly squeaked.
"Of course not! Why would I do that?"
"Well, you said if there was war you'd never allow me to take part. It means you'd leave me alone…" Petite Crêpe whined.
Gaston hugged him tighter.
"I'll never leave you alone ma jolie crêpe! Never!" He claimed. "It's both or neither of us, isn't it?" Petite Crêpe nodded his face off against the little Duhamel's shirt. "Oh mince, it's sunset. I should be at home now. Father doesn't like it when I'm late." He implied with quite an apprehensive tone.
"Wait, I come with you!" Jacques didn't want to le
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
ch7 Out of the asylum (and the closet)
"Gaston! Wait for me!"
The Duhamel only son just had rushed out of the boring classroom. Why did his father insist on sending him here? He was taught nothing but ancient books! Nothing cool like warfare or hunting. His father said war couldn't be taught elsewhere than a battlefield anyway. War is the best classroom, he says. But before that, his son has to be educated. Nobility titles only weren't enough to get up-ranked and serve the King the proper way. We wouldn't want an illiterate captain, would we? So Gaston could be a captain in the future? That'd rock. Leading his men to battle and then to victory! Serves you right, perfidious Albion! It'll teach you to challenge the invincible French army!
The little boy was fighting against imaginary English soldiers with a tree branch in an open farm field. He was about to give the final blow when his friend's voice kicked him out of his daydream. He wanted to scold him for spoiling the mood but changed his mind as soon as his adorable plush
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
ch6 Out of the asylum (and the closet)
On the way back to Villeneuve, Gaston was lost in disturbing thought.
Of course the proud war leader would never admit it but he had felt this weird warmth tingling inside of his chest –and a bit in his pants too- when he gladly closed his arms around his sweet entertainer's neck. LeFou's was as soft and huggable as ever.  Gaston had actually felt happy at that moment! While he shouldn't! He was a man, God dammit!
No! No blasphemy, thank you.
So he forced himself to lock this gross sentiment down in the deepest pit of his soul he could find.
"Too much?" The outgoing boy asked.
Yet, he couldn't help burying his nose between the fluffy locks. It nicely smelled like lavender.
Damn you! What are you making me do? Gaston thought while he almost strangled his human plushie in his arms. "Yep." He simply replied not to say something sharper. He actually LIKED hugging a man and sniffing his lovely hair!
What?? No, a man's hair is not 'LOVELY'! The fuck are you thinking, fils de con!
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
ch5 Out of the asylum (and the closet)
"For the sake of exhausting all of our options, do we maybe want to consider a slightly less gruesome alternative?" LeFou timidly asked.
"Are you coming?" Gaston glared at him as if warning.
LeFou didn't want to leave poor Maurice behind but just couldn’t resist his captain's eyes, even if blood-curdling. He regretfully joined Gaston in the carriage. As they drove forward, he kept staring at Maurice until he got sucked in by the thick forest's darkness.
I'm sorry Maurice.
Gaston really had fucked up here. To punch then tie up an old man leaving him to hungry wolves not only wasn't what's called an act of bravery but what's more it was the first time he didn't listen to LeFou's advice. Why? He had put on a moronic large grin on his perfect face while his little crêpe was seductively whispering about their 'countless widows' only minutes ago! Why this sudden change? The crêpe thought.
"How come no girl has snatched you up yet?" A panting Gaston had straight up asked.
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
ch4 Out of the asylum (and the closet)
"I'm sorry. For you loss." She said solemnly.
Has she heard him? Wait. She had some powers, didn't she? Maybe she was a kind of witch after all. Maybe she could…? He had to ask.
"Please… save him." He mumbled.
"I cannot. He's already beyond salvation." She declared.
"B-but you can revive things, right? I… I saw you entering the castle while everyone was running out! That curse… was your action, right? You just revived the castle! S-Surely… you can do the same with him!" He pleaded.
He clearly didn't understand what she'd just implied, Agathe thought.
"I mean he does not deserve salvation." She explained.
"What?" LeFou asked, his eyes widened out of dread.
"I think you know what I mean here, LeFou."
Yes, he actually DID understand! Gaston had been the worst asshole ever tonight, especially to him. He got it well! Maybe his captain even deserved what happened! But…but he loved him. He just loved him. And unlike him, LeFou valued their lifel
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
ch3 Out of the asylum (and the closet)
Here. He had finally found Gaston. So… the prince and Belle hadn't lied? No… they must have been mistaken. They didn't check, did they? They just assumed Gaston was…
As his entangled thoughts were wandering off and on without any way out, LeFou kept a slow but steadfast pace. He wanted to finally know the truth but was also utterly scared of it. A few more steps and he'd have reached that reddish figure. Because it wasn't Gaston, right? It wasn't Gaston. It couldn't be Gaston!
Then what is it, dumbass? His brain seemed to tell him.
He closed his eyes as he kept walking. Then he stopped. He opened his eyes. He lowered them.
Then his heart exploded inside out. Crashed into tiny pieces. He fell painfully down on his knees.
It WAS Gaston. Soaking in a wide blood puddle. His beautiful silky hair sticking in it. Dark-red blood leaking from his nose and mouth. His arms all weirdly twisted. And his eyes… his eyes that beforehand were glowing with pride and thrill at the
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
ch2 Out of the asylum (and the closet)
LeFou bumped into the prince. He felt so panicked he didn't even noticed the tall man surrounded with dozens of people !
"Sorry, I'm in hurry…" he said as a poor excuse. He almost didn't feel sorry for only one thing was filling up his mind: Gaston. That bastard Gaston. That terrible prick Gaston. That self-absorbed sadistic bloodthirsty manipulative monster Gaston.
His Gaston.
LeFou suddenly felt a flash of rage striking him down. He refrained from punching the man before him.
"Oh, you must be LeFou right ?" Prince Adam asked in a sincere smile.
"Where is he ?" he almost whispered avoiding the prince's stare.
"Sorry ?"
"Where is Gaston ?! Where is Gaston, you pretty blondie ? What did you do to him ??" he yelled while a few tears were already dwelling in the corner of his eyes.
"Hey, don't talk to the prince like that !" a villager scolded.
"Who cares what happened to that brainsick jerk !" another spit out.
"He almost got us all killed, stupid !"
"With our families we never cou
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
ch1 Out of the asylum (and the closet)
"Have you ever seen the inside of a madhouse, Maurice? You wouldn't last a week!"
Some in the village thought Gaston turned crazy because of the war. Gaston thought loving a man was a crime. LeFou thought he now hated Gaston. They were all wrong.
Belle and Prince Adam –that was the Beast's actual name apparently, were walking out the castle, meeting the villagers and their remembered loved ones. Cogsworth was trying to get off of his wife's tight grip, Lumière was tenderly kissing his sweet Plumette, Mr. Jean Potts was hugging his dear family and dog Frou-Frou was trying to get some attention from Cadenza and Miss Garderobe who were too busy cuddling.
Belle caught a glimpse of the only person who didn't look happy within that joyful crowd. Indeed LeFou looked confused, lost… sad perhaps ? Belle couldn't tell. She was a bit confused as well for she could have sworn last time she'd seen him he had told her he was "single now" before running away. Why was he still here th
:iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0
Mandala 60 by fanofyaoi Mandala 60 :iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 1 0 Mandala 59 by fanofyaoi Mandala 59 :iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 5 Mandala 58 by fanofyaoi Mandala 58 :iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 2 0 Mandala 57 by fanofyaoi Mandala 57 :iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 1 0 Mandala 56 by fanofyaoi Mandala 56 :iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 5 0 Mandala 55 by fanofyaoi Mandala 55 :iconfanofyaoi:fanofyaoi 1 0


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